Love, Play, Write Music!

From Bach to Beyoncé.

Meet Cian O’Reilly our Music teacher in Crumlin College Evening School. Cian is a multi-disciplinary artist, into visual art, music and movement arts . His interest is in finding the common links between all modalities of creation, weaving them together, and sharing that universal spark of what it means to be creative regardless of the discipline.  Among his many skills are yoga teacher, acrobat and of course, musician and instructor in creativity.  In his own words, “My passion is to turn on people’s inner artist”.  He came up with an idea for a great new course Music Theory and Appreciation:
“So I’ve been putting together what I could call a ‘Music Theory and Appreciation’ course.
The underlying intention here is not about the theory that’s useful for making music, but about the theory that’s useful for enjoying music.

We’ll take a crash course through the history of Western music. At each step along the way we can get to hear, bask in, and discuss beautiful examples of the music while we learn the basics of the theory the composers were following. And explore how it all mixes into other genres and music from other cultures.
I would like it to be fun and always interesting. The history of western music is a perfect framework through which to learn music theory, because the last couple of thousand years of music tells the story of how even a simple pop song we hear today organically grew, layer by layer, into its current form. We can even try it out ourselves in some fun games and exercises too to really get a feel for it.

We’ll get to listen to lots of Bach and Beethoven and Hildegaard von Bingen, but also sneak in some Brubeck and Beyoncé, encouraging a really reeeeeally broad musical palate. (and that’s just the B’s!)

I would also like to keep it simple. Experience the theoretical elements by listening and enjoying. Learn just enough to develop a deeper interest, appreciation and enjoyment of the music itself.
In that vein, I also like to keep a theme of ‘balancing the hemispheres’, meaning that as much as we learn theory in an analytical ‘left brain’ way, we must equally feel and melt with and let our imaginations run free with the music in a more open ‘right brain’ way.”

This great course is scheduled for Thursday 6.30-7.30pm, fee €90 for 10 weeks and starts Thursday 28 September 2018.



Cian also will be teaching Ukulele, which he now describes as his instrument of choice-and he plays a few of them! This portable little instrument comes from Hawaii and is becoming hugely popular because it’s fun and easy to learn. This class also starts Thursday 28 September from 5.30-6.30 p.m, 10 weeks, €90. Great way to unwind after work!
Anyone interested in ukulele should check out the Ukulele Hooley in Dun Laoghaire in August:

Creative Songwriting

Cian will of course be teaching the Creative Songwriting course again. Starts Thursday 28 September 7.45-9.30 pm.  How do you write a great song? It’s where melody, lyrics and harmony meet. Cian describes the process:

“When you hear a song that makes you come alive inside, it may include a mix of many ingredients; poetry, melody, voice work, instrumentation, self expression, performance, knowledge of music theory, rhythm, harmony, honest and open self expression, and much more, all blended together into one elegant unified creation.

It can sometimes seem baffling to even know where to begin, for beginners and experienced songwriters alike. These classes will include many games, exercises, tips, tricks, techniques and skill training to get to grips with these various elements of a songwriter’s toolkit, as well as get into the heart of what it really means to bring all those elements together with true self expression and artistry. Most importantly though, you’ll see that it’s easier than you think and you’ll be writing songs you love before you know it.”



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